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Memorable Milestones

It was a big year for Reading Village. With your support, we were busy expanding, teaching, mentoring, and documenting. Below is a smattering of photos from our most proud moments. Thank you for making these possible, thank you for helping transform lives through literacy.


Rosmery is 18, but she is only beginning high school. Her parents are not educated, are extremely poor and have not been very supportive of her education. She is one of six children and her older sister does not go to school. She wants to become a teacher and her eyes light up when she…

Julio Cesar

Julio Cesar is 16 years old and wants to become a teacher. He’ll start high school in January where he’ll begin to specialize in teaching courses. His eyes reflect a thoughtful intention when he talks about working with children. He is the oldest of five children (baby not in photo), and speaks Kaqchikel at home…


17-year-old Daniel is one of five children. His father died six years ago and so his mother raises them all herself. He was sent to live with some relatives for a few years to help pay for his schooling and care. He has two more years of schooling to complete his accounting diploma. None of…


Marcela is a 14-year-old girl with nine brothers and sister, and a voice of her own! I was impressed by her application letter which did not mimic the high-flown, formal tone that gets used in these circumstances. Just five years ago her father considered students lazy good-for-nothings who were simply trying to avoid working in…


Carlos will start high school in January. He is one of twelve children and wants to become an accountant. Hid parents did not complete elementary school, but they encourage him in his studies. Click tiny arrows below to enjoy photos of preschoolers with books we donated.


Heidy is in junior high school and wants to become a doctor. She discovered this about herself when she aided a boy with a machete wound. Her desire to help others will serve her well as a reading promoter in our program. Her father earns about $130 a month at a bakery. Heidy’s schooling costs,…


Gloria is one of eight children and will complete high school next year. Contrary to the Guatemalan school system in which she was taught, Gloria understands that learning and reading should be fun, and she will make a very good reading promoter.