Oscar Hawkins
Executive Director

Oscar has over 20 years of experience in non-profit leadership, executive management, grassroots development, and sustainability. He was grown up as a specialist in the coffee industry. He resolved many issues together with educating people to develop this industry. He cooperated with United Farm Workers. His position is the Director of Strategic Initiatives.

Joel Goodwin
National Director, Guatemala

Joel has a rich background in anthropology. He is engaged as an environmental scientist, organizer, and professor. He has been collaborating with Guatemalan government and local communities for several decades. Joel is fond of maintaining marginalized populations to be heard. He believes that literacy, education, and leadership are significant parts to inspire these populations to cope with all the problems. As the Program Director, Joel is assisting to obtain the same skills among our youth leaders and to maintain them to gain these skills among the next generation of Guatemala children.

Harvey Vincent
Development Manager

He has a BA in Spanish, German and International Studies. Harvey a versatile person in international development as well as account management. He has experience in both non-profit and private facilities. His love of Latin American culture is rooted in his year living in Peru. Traveler and fundraiser, Harvey believes in the power of the human spirit. He is continuously inspired by the people he meets along life’s journey.

Molly Buckley
Program Coordinator, Guatemala

Molly is fond of being of service to other people. She is a teacher in law and social sciences. With experience in community development as well as children’s rights, Molly is into working towards enhancing the quality of life of indigenous people in poor areas. She plans to strengthen their leadership and affect social and economic areas.

Danielle Duffy
Board Member

Danielle is the prior president of Reading Village. She is an inspirational fundraiser, teacher, and leader. She is an actual author and a passionate reader. She joined this organization in September 2012. She took part in her first Learning Journey, accompanied by her family, in April 2013 and her second Learning Journey with women from her congregation in June 2015.