Donate Your Birthday

Participate in an Athletic Event

Eat Rice + Beans for a Month

Celebrate a Holiday

Host a House Party

Raise Money to Visit Guatemala

Donate Your Talent

Have a Bakesale

Ask Your Colleagues

Rally Supporters on YouTube

Hold a Story-a-thon

Organize a Book Fair


All around the world, energetic volunteers, passionate advocates, and inspired individuals have joined us to break the cycle of generational poverty. Are you ready to join them? Donating a birthday, hosting a house party, or using a holiday to celebrate our work, everyone has the opportunity to support global development. Fundraising for Reading Village has never been easier. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Decide What To Do + Set Up a PageWhether you want to celebrate a holiday, host a reading marathon, or participate in an athletic event – there are so many ways to make fundraising fun. Once you decide, just click below to set up a fundraising page which only takes two minutes of your time. Drop in a photo and it’s ready to go!
  2. Spread the WordOnce your fundraising page is set up, you can send an email to everyone you know and ask them to support your project. Tell them about what you’re doing (running a race, reading books, celebrating a holiday, etc) to raise money for literacy and leadership programs in Guatemala and then watch the donations pour in!
  3. See Who You are HelpingWhen you commit to fundraising for Reading Village we promise to show you the impact of your contribution. We will send stories of the youth leaders that you are helping to support and photos of the young children you are reading to. Your effort will transform lives and we are committed to showing you that impact!

Start Your Own Campaign


We’ve made it even easier for you to get started. Download the toolkits below for resources you can use to start your own fundraiser.

Toolkit for the Jewish Community

Toolkit for Learning Journey Alumni

Toolkit for Schools & Educators


If you are interested in learning more or you need some help getting started, you can reach our Development Manager, Marcella Varley at or call us at 720-519-3526.