Category: Message From Our Scholars

Juan Carlos’s Truth

Juan Carlos is not the most articulate of our newest teen reading promoters. He lives in the shadow of a domineering father and his Spanish skills are a bit weak. But I love this kid because what he lacks in eloquence he makes up for with spirit and determination. Last week when our Learning Journey…

Teresa is Grateful

I’m in Guatemala interviewing teens for our reading promoter program. It’s one of my favorite things to do because these youth inspire me so much. Take Teresa Morales Chumil, for example. She is 15, the oldest of four, and her family owns no land so they work as day laborers on someone else’s land. Teresa’s family of six ekes out a living…

Our Masterful Storytelling Friends from Casa Del Libro

Amilcar and Alejandra created a market setting with baskets full of plastic fruit and books (some donated by Reading Village!) for the kids to sample and then engaged large groups of kids with their skillful and dynamic storytelling.