Fall Trip 2014: Agustin’s Accomplishment

We attended Agustin’s graduation today. Agustin was one of the kids that really didn’t score high on the admissions process, but Daniel (our Program Coordinator) wanted to accept him anyway. I told Daniel that it was on him, then, to make sure Agustin succeeded – and he did! Agustin lives in a small community way down below Los Morales where all the men still wear their traditional handwoven clothing. There were close to 200 people gathered in his honor! He was one of 3 to graduate from high school this year in this community of 30 families. We arrived after the speeches, just as everyone lined up to give Agustin a gift, share some words of congratulations and congratulate his parents. It took a half hour for everyone to get through the line. Agustin mostly had his head humbly bowed as he received words of wisdom and gifts, and he broke down crying when his grandmother spoke to him and a brother, I think, who held on to him tightly as they sobbed together. Seeing his grandmother’s tear-streaked face is what got my eyes watering. It was an important day in Agustin’s life, in the history of his family and in the history of his community.

The work you do makes this possible.

– Linda Smith, Executive Director of Reading Village

Category: Learning Journey