The Town of Concepción

With a population of about a thousand, Concepcion is a agricultural town facing the prospect of not having enough land for the next generation to inherit and live from.

An old colonial cathedral marks the center of town.

Along with the butcher, there are a few small businesses selling farming supplies, dry goods and such. But many basic services, including secondary education, are found only in neighboring cities.

Onions are a primary cash crop. Empty bottles of petro-chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides litter the fields. Children spray these treatments to crops without any protective gear.

It is girls’ and women’s work to clean the onions in preparation for market. Crops are sold to the capital city among others, made possible by the road built into Concepcion 16 years ago, allowing trucks to enter and exit.

It is common to see children returning home from the surrounding hills, carrying loads of wood to be used for cooking.

Local kids wanting their picture taken.

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