Our Approach

Learning begins with literacy. When we can master the written word, we have the foundation to control our own lives and to change the lives of those around us. In this way, literacy can unlock people's ability to create a better world.
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Our Programs

Working collaboratively in impoverished communities, the Reading Village model combines innovation and cultivation to co-create human capacity. In everything we do, we strive to empower communities to chase their own dreams.
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Take Action

All around the world, energetic volunteers, passionate advocates, and inspired individuals have joined us to change lives through literacy. It’s easy. Just create a campaign, set a goal, and then spread the word!
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Our Progress

Books Distributed to Schools, Libraries, & Orphanages
Of Our Teens Have Been Employed Upon Graduation
Hours Spent Reading to Children
Children’s Lives Changed Through Literacy Programs

Latest News & Events

A Loan – How It Affects Financial Literacy?

People tend to rush to have fun. If you offer 4-year-olds a choice: a piece of cake now or two exactly the same, but tomorrow, the vast majority will choose “today’s” cake. Postponing consumption for the future in order to save more is a difficult and inefficient strategy. A loan is its opposite side. This…

Dyslexia – The Reason Why You Cannot Read Well

The problem of impossibility to read may be explained not only poor environment but also medical conditions. Dyslexia is one of the most common learning problems in children, which manifests itself as a specific reading disorder. The cause of this disease is associated with neurological disorders of a genetic nature. A dyslexic person has difficulty…

The Women of Guatemala

There are women in the world stronger and more courageous than you or I could ever dream of being. There are women who haul crates off the backs of buses. They hang off the sides of vans to hitch a ride down the road. They balance a baby on their back and a bucket of…