In 2015, Reading Village will work with 53 scholars who will reach 3,000 young children with innovative literacy activities.

We currently operate in three communities all within the Department of Solola: Chuacruz, Concepcion, and Chuiquel. This department ranks among the nation’s lowest rates of school enrollment and advancement to the next grade and the effects ripple out across society: 20% of the Solola population suffers from chronic malnutrition, 43% of girls are physically stunted, 57% of the population lives in extreme poverty, and the majority of people have just one USD to spend on food every day.

Against this backdrop of struggle and injustice lies a generation of teenagers who are eager to fight for a brighter future. Participants in our Leaders & Readers program are hard working, resourceful, and generous individuals whom we are excited to support as they pave a path of prosperity within their communities.