We believe what we do is important, but even more important is how we do it.

As an organization, Reading Village is committed to working with, not for, our Guatemalan partners. Doing “for” others only perpetuates the long history of dependence rather than the interdependence and independence we strive to achieve. We believe that we all have strengths to bring to the table, and that only together can we build stronger communities and a more sustainable future.

Working collaboratively in impoverished communities, the Reading Village model combines innovation and cultivation to co-create human capacity. In this way, we aim to develop not only the next generation of leaders, but also generations of readers thereafter. By providing scholarships, securing educations, and facilitating opportunities for leadership development, we position communities to chase their own dreams – whether that dream is the construction of a library or the paving of a road, that’s up to them. Sustainable change and local initiative are the measurements of our success.