Or make a check out to Reading Village and mail to:

Reading Village
3210 15th Street
Boulder, CO 80304

Financial Contributions
Your contributions fund scholarships for youth whom we develop as leaders and train to teach and inspire children to read. And your contributions buy materials for our program and others’ including, story books, sets of encyclopedias, educational games, and arts and crafts supplies.

Reading Village is a 501c3 public charity, and all donations are tax-deductible.

Got Miles?
Our founder and president flies to Guatemala four times a year. If you have an abundance of miles on Continental Airlines, please contact Linda at or 303-883-2822. 35,000 miles will purchase a date- and seat-restricted ticket and 70,000 miles will purchase an unrestricted ticket.

Be a Chapter Leader
Chapter Leaders like to throw parties! They gather everyone they know once a year to a fundraising party in their city, and Linda shares inspiring stories about her work and ways others can get involved. But that doesn’t have to be all…Chapter Leaders can hold any number of events throughout the year to sustain a focus and flow of funds to the work of Reading Village. Creativity is your only limit! Contact Linda if you are interested, or 303-883-2822.


3210 15th Street, Boulder, CO 80304  303-883-2822