36 Books is a Mitzvah project for students who love reading and would like to promote literacy at home and abroad. As part of your bar or bat mitzvah project, you will read to children in your local community while raising money to support reading programs in Guatemala. In this way, 36 Books is the perfect project for students who love reading and want to make a difference around the world.


For your project, we have prepared everything you need to promote literacy in your local community while creating a culture of reading in Guatemala. Our toolkit describes every step of the process, but here’s what you’ll need to do

  • Read 36 books locally, in your school, home, synagogue, local library or other community organization to young children, people with disabilities or elderly adults.
  • Ask friends and family to support you by donating at least $1/book you read.
  • Donate the money you collect to Reading Village to help teen Reading Promoters in Guatemala attend school and reach children with literacy activities.


By sharing books and stories in your local community you will raise funds to support the efforts and education of teen reading promoters in Guatemala and help bring literacy to small rural villages.