We are strongly opposed to spamming!

If you received an unwanted email from our service – please let us know. We will conduct the investigation of the situation as responsibly as possible.

We understand our responsibility towards the recipients of email messages, therefore we strongly suppress spam and only support permission-based emailing. If any of our partners use spamming applications, we will immediately stop working with this partner. If you find out about
any violations or suspect them, immediately inform us using the Contact Us section.

What Is Spam?

Spam, also known as dubious mailing, is unwanted electronic commercial messages, in particular, mass mailing. “Unwanted” means that the recipient did not provide verifiable permission to send him or her a message. “Mass” means that a message is sent as part of a large number of messages, mostдн of the same content. The term “spamming” refers to the transmission, distribution or delivery of any unwanted electronic commercial correspondence to many users through electronic means of communication.

Unsubscribe Policy

Each e-mail sent through the website of Canadian Pharmacy Ezzz contains an automatically generated link that allows message recipients to refuse to receive e-mails. You can also change your data at any time without unsubscribing from the newsletter. If you want to unsubscribe from the newsletter or change your data, just follow the instructions in the message footer. If you received an unsolicited message that was sent using our website, immediately inform us using the Contact Us section.