What Assortmet Should Be In Online PharmacyAny type of pharmacy including an online one should comply with severa criteria. Among them, there are:

  1. reasonable price;
  2. wide assortment;
  3. home delivery (if allowed by law);
  4. professional assistance.

Today, the staff of Canadian Pharmacy Ezzz decided to explain to people how they collect their stock. As an example, they took XL Pharmacy, a well-known online pharmacy with a wide, worked-out online catalog with different positions like men’s health, women’s health, antibiotics, asthma, birth control, antidepressants, etc. You are welcome to get to know what is assortment and what it should include.

What is assortment?

An assortment is a set of goods of different categories and varieties, united according to any criterion and intended for the most complete satisfaction of customers’ demand.

An essential sign of classifying a product as a medical and pharmaceutical product is its use in health care for sick and healthy people for diagnostic, therapeutic, health-improving, and prophylactic purposes. This is a specific feature of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) which places high demands on their quality.

The following ITF groups can be implemented in pharmacies either offline or online:

  • medications (pharmacological agents and medications);
  • medical equipment (instruments, devices, apparatus, equipment, consumables);
  • medical products, including cotton wool, gauze and products from it, nonwoven materials and products from it, medical dressings with an adhesive surface, sanitary products and patient care items;
  • parapharmaceutical products, including medical and cosmetic products, sanitary and hygienic products, mineral waters, dietary and baby food, eyeglass optics, diagnostics and reagents, plant protection products and sanitation and hygiene products for animals.

What is medical assortment?

An assortment of drugs is a list of various drugs, combined according to pharmacotherapeutic, pharmacological, chemical or other criteria, and providing optimal treatment, diagnosis, prevention of diseases, taking into account innovative ideas about rational pharmacotherapy and the possibilities of producing drugs by the domestic and foreign pharmaceutical industry.

There are the following types of assortment:

  • industrial is a set of goods produced by enterprises of various industries. It is subdivided into: a) branch, b) regional, c) enterprises.
  • trading is a set of goods supplied to wholesale and retail enterprises or to the sphere of distribution and sale.

Types of assortment of goods

The trade assortment of drugs is:

  • wide – over 70 items (for example, in pharmacy warehouses, pharmacies);
  • narrow – up to 70 items (in specialized pharmacies, phyto-pharmacies).

It is also distinguished in trade:

  • a complex assortment that combines a large number of varieties of goods;
  • a simple assortment includes a small number of products. It is typical for pharmacies, which allow the sale of drugs and parapharmaceutical products recommended for dispensing without a doctor’s prescription.

As a result, when creating our assortment, we analyze the stock of the mentioned above pharmacy and find out they meet almost all criteria. Due to such a cooperation, our pharmacy has gained a popularity among people from all over the world.