You suffer from antibiotic resistance when a certain antibiotic loses the ability to efficaciously control and kill the growth of bacteria. This simply implies that in spite of the presence of therapeutic level of antibiotics, the bacteria continue to multiply.

This is a natural phenomenon. The bacterium that has the capability to resist an antibiotic has a greater chance of survival than the ones that are susceptible. Antibiotics inhibit or kill the bacteria very quickly. In some cases, human resistance occurs without any kind of human action. However, the main reason for antibiotic resistance is overuse of antibiotics. Bacteria might become resistant in two different ways:

  • by obtaining the resistance from other bacteria;
  • by a genetic mutation.


You depend on antibiotics to perform surgeries and to treat infections such as:

  • ear infection;
  • respiratory infection;
  • skin infection;
  • genital infection.

Antibiotic resistance can mean the end of modern medicine. Here are some surprising facts about antibiotic resistance that you need to know.

The Post-Antibiotic Era is Here Before Time

A study has suggested that bacteria are becoming resistant to the antibiotic that had been considered as the last resort. The resistant bacteria were found in animals, as well as in humans. These bacteria are going to become harder to treat with the passage of time. However, this is only a small part of the big problem. The study has suggested that if some measures are not taken against this very soon, it can mean the end of modern medicine.

It can put an End to Cancer Treatments

The two most common treatments of cancer are chemotherapy and radiotherapy. These can cause serious damage to the immune system, your body’s defense system against infection. As a result of this, people get infected bacteria every now and then.

At present, these infections can be combatted with antibiotics until your immune system starts functioning again. However, it is becoming difficult to find drugs that will fight these inevitable infections caused by bacteria.

It can Increase the Rate of Child Birth

A significant amount of birth of babies is actually by cesarean section. This is a process by which the abdomen of the mother is cut open and the baby is brought out. It is mostly done because the normal delivery of the baby poses a threat to the life of the mother. At times, mothers tend to get infected after this procedure is performed. About 5 % of the women suffer from post-operative infection. A majority of the time, the bugs are picked up in and around the hospital. However, this is changing quickly and with time the bugs will be seen out there in the community, too. It will give rise to huge complications as antibiotics will fail to work due to the resistance.

It is Happening Rapidly

Drug-resistant infection is a sign that evolution is in action. A course of antibiotics might be able to clean all the bacteria that are in target. However, the ones that are able to survive are the ones that will require the most potent drug to kill them. They will increase in number by reproducing and these newborn bacteria will be more resistant than the parent bacteria. And, to top this, bacteria reproduce very quickly and thus, the evolution is also happening pretty fast.

People Take Antibiotic without Any Reason

Flu and cold are viral infections and it cannot be cured with the help of antibiotics. Viruses and bacteria are different and antibiotics are designed to treat it. So, if you are taking antibiotics when you are suffering from cold, it won’t get you better. As a matter of fact, the bacteria that are present in your body will become resistant to it when you take the antibiotic unnecessarily.

However, it has been found that there are a handful number of people who realize this. A majority of the people believe that antibiotics are to be taken by the people who are severely ill. They have also mentioned that when one doctor refuses to give the medication, they opt for some other doctor. There are some people who pester a doctor to prescribe them with antibiotics even when they don’t need them. The doctors are forced to give antibiotics and this makes less and less useful over time.

People think that it’s the Patient and Not the Bacteria Inside that is Becoming Resistant

People are of the opinion that the patient and not the bacteria have become resistant to the antibiotics. This implies that the patient does not complete their course thinking that if they take the drug less, it will prevent the body from developing a resistance. Nonetheless, the truth is exactly the opposite; they should be taking it to wipe out all the bacteria.