Diabetes mellitus affects all organs and systems of a man, and one of the first to suffer is a sphere of intimate relations. According to statistics given by the Canadian Pharmacy Ezzz staff, problems with potency are found in 25 – 75% of men with diabetes. The presence or absence of problems in the intimate sphere depends primarily on the form of the disease. Disturbances of erectile function in most cases occur in the severe form of labial (unstable) diabetes.

Changes in the hormonal background

Diabetes mellitus is an endocrine disease, and first of all, it affects the work of the hormonal system of the body. Diabetes affects the production of many hormones, including testosterone – the main male hormone, on which erection and duration of sexual intercourse depend. The level of testosterone decreases with an increase of glucose in the blood, which can lead to temporary and then permanent problems with erectile function.diabtes and ED

Lesion of Blood Vessels

First of all, diabetes affects blood vessels, especially small ones, including vessels of the penis. As a result, there are violations of local blood circulation, when the excited penis does not fill up with enough blood, which causes a weak erection, insufficient for full sexual intercourse.

Changes of Blood Sugar Level

The level of glucose in the blood changes several times during a day, in men with diabetes changes can be more dramatic, and this should be monitored. Among the negative consequences of severe increase and decrease in glucose levels are the following:

  • Decrease. Low blood sugar level negatively affects the work of brain centers that control erection and the process of ejaculation. Thus, diabetes often causes prolonged ejaculation or lack of ejaculation. Violation of normal nutrition of the brain can cause sexual desire to completely disappear.
  • Increase. It is an increased level of sugar in the blood that in the medical environment is considered one of the main risk factors for the development of erectile dysfunction. The cause of erectile dysfunction is that glucose molecules slow the work of nerve endings leading to the penis. As a result, in many people with diabetes, the sensitivity of scrotum, entire perineum and balanus decrease. According to statistics, every second diabetic does not have the opportunity to enjoy sex in full.

Despite the negative impact of diabetes on men’s health, impotence is treated in this case. Various procedures can be used, insulin injections and medication to increase potency, which is prescribed after a specialist’s consultation.